Mirrors Darkly Author Notes - Chapters 3 and 4

November 18, 2020

By Don Wellington

Chapter 3 begins with the main antagonist, Jibril al-Attas (aka Jibril al-Salam) making his way toward the protagonist (Darrin).  If you remember the movie Jaws, Jibril kind of feels like a shark stalking his prey.  I generally tell this story in a third person omniscient voice (as opposed to first or second person).  But the omniscient often uses the words and thoughts of the character being described.  So when the omniscient describes Jibril, for example, it tends to adopt his type of thinking.  I would have totally washed out of AP Writing, but I think it's kind of fun.  For those who fancy themselves literary critics, there is a reason for the unorthodox approach which I won't spoil at this point.

Chapter 4 gives us some background on where Darrin lives.  That might be important so pay attention!  I'm including a picture of the apartment building I had in mind.  And, yes, I am addicted to fantasy baseball!  I long for the day when there will again be a Detroit Tiger I can pick in the first (or even tenth) round of the draft.  Peace and love.