Mirrors Darkly Author Notes - Ch. 31-33

December 10, 2020

By Don Wellington

In Chapter 31, life returns to "normal" when Rod and Darrin return to L.A. from Tanzania.  There's an aside about the 2000 Bush-Gore Election and Tucker Carlson (seems like a lifetime ago). 

In Chapter 32, we find that Stacy LOVES her Blue BMW Z-3.  What is it with girls who like fast cars anyway?  What is it with guys who like girls who like fast cars?  Guilty.

In Chapter 33, we see the FBI pursue a theory about Darrin's motive for being outside the Embassy in Tanzania that is reminiscent of the case pursued against one-time Olympic bombing suspect Richard Jewell back in 1996.  Note that this novel was written long before the excellent 2019 movie about Richard Jewell that starred Sam Rockwell, John Hamm, Kathy Bates and Olivia Wilde, and was directed by Clint Eastwood.